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Ranly Elf inspired outfit


Christmas is nearly approaching so i thought why not make an elf inspired doll. I use Ranly doll pattern for the basic doll. This pattern includes the hat,clothe,hair cap,and shoes.

Kara Doll

Kara Dress up Doll 

Made using worsted weight yarn and size G/ 4mm hook. Kara stands 18 inches tall.
Made starting from toe to the top of the head, no sewing needed to attach the arms. 

Ranly Doll pattern

Ranly Doll

I've been making miniatures crochet dolls for a few months now.They're easy and faster to make since they have lesser stitches than the bigger dolls.Most of the dolls i have made have a straight or circular body.So i decided to make one with a hip to try something new, and it also gives the doll some character into it.
I named the doll Ranly, its a combination of my husband and my name.As i cant think of any name at the time i'm creating it.

Madeline doll pattern


Madelline is a mini version of Maddy Doll of Brooke Rabideau.

Mini Big Head Baby Doll pattern

Big head baby dolls or BHBD are very popular right now.They are really cute and  offers endless possibilities with creativity and imagination,you can make them anyway you want.They are fun to make but so many stitches to work,and i have my lazy days at times but really want to make another one.So i decided to make a tiny big head baby,less stitches,easier but still so much fun to make.
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How to make: Chain stitch

Chain is the most basic stitch in crochet.It is abbreviated as ch and depicted in crochet diagrams as " 0 ".
Chain stitches are commonly used to begin most crochet projects,and as a turning chain made in between rows of crochet stitches.

To make a chain:

How to Make:Slip knot

A slip knot is the very first thing to do when making crochet projects.
There are several ways of making a slip knot,one is by looping with your fingers and another one is by hooking with a crochet hook.In this photo tutorial, i am going to show you how i do a slip knot.