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Ranly Elf inspired outfit


Christmas is nearly approaching so i thought why not make an elf inspired doll. I use Ranly doll pattern for the basic doll. This pattern includes the hat,clothe,hair cap,and shoes.

Pattern note:
- To make the dress fit To your Ranly doll, i recommend using the same yarn weight and crochet hook size used to make your base doll.
- Chain made at the beginning of row/round does not count as a stitch, unless stated. 

-Worsted weight yarn
-size F/ 3.75 mm hook
-stitch marker
-tapestry needle

-button for back closure 

This pattern is written in US Terminology
Ch- chain
Sc- single crochet
Inc- increase
Dec- decrease
R- red
G- green
W- white

Make two,with green yarn
ch13, join
Round1-4: Sc all around (13)
Join legs
Round5: Sc in each st around (26)
Round6: 4sc, inc, sc on next 11sts, inc, 9sc, join (28)
Round7: 4sc, inc, sc on next 13sts, inc, 9sc, join (30)
Round8-9:  sc all around, join (30)
Round10: 7sc, dec, sc on next 13sts, dec, 6sc, join (28)
Round11: sc all around, join (28)
Round12: 7sc, dec, sc in next 12sts, dec, 5sc, join (26)
Round13: sc all around working in backloop only join (26)
Round 14-18:  ch1, turn, sc across (26)
Round20: ch4 (will be the button hole) turn, 5sc, chain 6,skip 4sts (1st arm space made), 9sc, chain 6,skip 4sts (2nd arm space made), 4sc
Finish off with slip stitch each stitch across working on back loops only.

Make with red yarn
Attach yarn (red)  on the the loop of round13
Round1: inc on each stitch around, join (52)
Round2: *1sc, inc, repeat around, fasten off (78)
cut yarn, sew end

Hair cap:
round1: 6sc on magic ring
round2: inc each st around (12)
round3: (1sc,inc) repeat around (18)
round4:  (2sc,inc) repeat around (24)
round5: (3sc,inc) repeat around (30)
round6: (4sc,inc) repeat around (36)
round7-9: dc each st around,
Cut yarn leaving long tail.
Fold cap in half, make a fringe with your preferred length and thickness on the other half, and work the bangs on the other. Using tapestry needle use tail to weave in and out up the join of round six, pull to gather, repeat 3x. fasten off and hide loose end.

Round1: 4sc on 2nd ch from hook (4) G
Round2: (1sc, inc) x2 (6) G
Round3: (2sc, inc) x2 (8) R
Round4: (3sc, inc) x2 (10) G
Round5: (4sc, inc) x2 (12) R
Round6-7: sc around (12) G
Round8: (5sc, inc) x2 (14) R
Round9-10: sc around (14) G
Round11: (6sc, inc) x2 (16) R
Round12-13: scaround (16) G
Round14: (7sc, inc) x2 (18) G
Round15: (8sc, inc) x2 (20) R
Round16: (4sc, inc) x4 (24) G
Round17: (5sc, inc) x4 (28) R
Round18: (6sc,inc) x4 (32) G
Round19: (7sc, inc) x4 (36) R
Round20-24: sc around (36) G,R,G,W,W
Fasten off, cut yarn and weave in end.

Round 1: chain 6,  sc on 2nd chain from hook,sc on next 4sts, 3sc on next st, sc on next 3sts, inc on last stitch, join(12)
Round 2: ch 1, inc on first st, sc on next 3sts, inc,3sc on next st, inc, sc on next3 sts, inc on next 2sts, join (19)
Round 3-4: ch1, sc all around on back loops only, join (19)
Round 5: ch1, 6sc, dec (3x), 7sc, join (16)
Round 6:ch1, 4sc, dec (3x), 6sc, join (13)
Round 7-: ch1, sc all around, (13) 
Fasten off and hide loose end

Hope you have fun making it. Happy Holidays!

** My patterns are free and I would like them to stay that way. You are free to print them out for your personal use. Please do not sell my patterns or say they are your own. You are free to do whatever you want with the finished item. If you are selling them online please link back the pattern and give me credit. If you want to share the pattern please see Terms of use to be guided accordingly.Thanks and enjoy crocheting.

©2016 by Nelly Lopez. All rights reserved.


  1. So so cute.. I love it. Thank you for your artistry