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1st Pattern Giveaway!

It's our fist giveaway! You can win 2 patterns in our shop by entering our 1st giveaway!

You will recieve and entry for each step:
1. Like A Yarnful day facebook page
2. Like and share the giveaway post.
3. Tag a crochet friend in the comments in the post.

Both you and the person you tag will win Maya doll Holiday outfit and another outfit of your choice. Winners will be announced on Dec 16. Patterns will be sent via Ravelry or Email. Good luck!!!

Mini nutcracker doll: Nutty


 Christmas is just 34 days away. One of the characters we will see at this season is the Nutcracker,so i decided to make one. According to my kids, this little soldier loves cracking nuts so we gotta name him "Nutty ". 

Haggy basic clothes pattern

We now have our  basic doll,but hey who wants a naked doll? I don't. So, i made a simple clothes to put on Haggy doll.The first one i make was a boy,because that's what my son wants.I want a little girl doll so i made the clothes a little girly, and made the hair cap with a curve bangs.

Haggy Basic doll pattern

My son requested for a pocket chum, a doll he could bring at school.We work together making this doll according to his liking.The doll gets its name after my son's nickname.He said it's his design so he get to name it after him.

Madeline reverse pattern

I made my first Madelline doll pattern base from Brooke Rabideau's Maddy doll design.
Just like the Maddy doll,pattern for Madelline was made from top to toe,and arms are made by crocheting into the body.

Maya's Easter Dress

Make this adorable dress for your Maya doll not just for easter but for any other day.
Make it with any color you prefer, add decorative buttons,bead or flower embellish if you like. Your imagination is the limit.

Maya's oufits

Here are just some of Maya's outfit i have created. These are available
as Ravelry download.

Make your doll more fun with this outfits.

Maya Basic doll pattern

If you love making dolls but don't like sewing parts,you will like this pattern for sure.
Pattern for this doll's leg,body,and head is designed to be crocheted all together.
The arms have to be crocheted ahead for later attachment using crochet as you go method.


Amy is a modified Ranly doll .She has longer arms and legs.
I made her with sock weight yarn and 2.25 mm hook,she stands almost 7 inches tall.
But when made using light worsted/dk yarn and 3.75 mm crochet hook it could reach almost 11 inches.