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Amy is a modified Ranly doll .She has longer arms and legs.
I made her with sock weight yarn and 2.25 mm hook,she stands almost 7 inches tall.
But when made using light worsted/dk yarn and 3.75 mm crochet hook it could reach almost 11 inches.

You can get the advertisement free pdf pattern Here.You just have to pay a minimal amount.

Pattern note:
-This doll is worked from bottom to top in continuous round or spiral method.
-Chain made at the beginning of row/round does not count as a stitch,unless stated.

-sock weight yarn
-2.25 mm crochet hook
-stitch marker
-tapestry needle
-poly fiber fill
-6 mm safety eyes ,beads, or your preferred method for making eyes

This pattern in written in US Terminology
Sc - single crochet
Dc - double crochet
Inc - increase 
Dec - decrease
St -stitch/ stitches
Tr- treble crochet
A- gray
B- pink
C- skin color

Pattern start
Make two.
Color C
Round 1: magic ring, chain 1, 6 sc , join(6)
Round 2: chain 1,2 sc, inc on next st (2x), join (8)
Round 3-21: chain 1, sc all around, join (8)

Make two.
Color A
Round 1: chain 6,  sc on 2nd chain from hook,sc on next 3sts, 3sc on next st, sc on next 3sts, inc on last stitch, join(12)
Round 2:  inc on first st, sc on next 3sts, inc,3sc on next st, inc, sc on next4 sts, inc on last st, join (18)
Round 3:, sc all around on back loops only, join (18)
Round 4:  6sc, dec (3x), 6sc, join (15)
Round 5:  4sc, dec (3x), 5sc, join (12)
Round 6-9:  sc all around, (12)
Color  C
Round 10-22:  sc all around, (12)
Fasten off both legs.
For joining the legs
Attach piece of yarn on 3rd stitch of your first leg, chain 2,drag the loop,insert hook in the 9th stitch if the second leg from inside,draw the drop loop of the chain into the stitch,finish off.

Start crocheting the Body
Color B
Round 23: ch1 on first chain made to join legs, sc all around, join (28)
(2 sc along the chain,12 sc along the 1st leg, 2sc along the chain, 12 sc along the 2nd leg)
Round 24:  7sc, inc, sc on next 13sts, inc, 6sc,  (30)
Round 25-28: sc all around (30)
Round 29: sc all around in back loops only (30)
Round 30: 7sc, dec, sc on next 13sts, dec, 6sc (28)
Round  31: sc all around (28)
Round 32:  7sc, dec, 11 sc, dec, 6 sc (26)
Round 33-34: sc around (26)
Round  35:  6sc, dec, 11sc, dec, 5sc (24)
Round 36: sc around (24)
Round 37: crochet arms as you go (24)
Round 38: dec around (12)
Color C
Round 39-40: sc around (12)

Return to round39 which was crocheted in back loops only
Color A
Round 1: 4sc, inc (repeat around) (36)
Round 2: 5sc,  inc (repeat around) (42)
Color B
Round 3: sc around (42)
Color A
Round 4: 6sc,  inc (repeat around) (48)

Round 41: ch1, 1sc, inc (repeat all around), join (18)
Round 42: ch1, 2sc, inc (repeat all around), join (24)
Round 43: ch1, 3sc, inc (repeat all around), join (30)
Round 44: ch1, 4sc, inc (repeat all around), join (36)
Round 45-51: ch1, sc all around, join (36)
Round 52: ch1, 4sc, dec (repeat all around), join (30)
Round 53: ch1, 3sc, dec (repeat all around), join (24)
Round 54: ch1, 2sc, dec (repeat all around), join (18)
Round 55: ch1,1sc, dec (repeat all around), join (12)
Round 56: ch1, Dec around , join (6)
Cut yarn, thread through each stitch and pull closed.

Hair cap:
Round 1: magirc ring, ch 1, 6sc
Round 2: inc in each sitch around (12)
Round 3: 1sc, inc (repeat around) (18)
Join with slip stitch
Round 4:  chain6, sc in 2nd chain from hook,4 sc slip stitch on next stitch of previous round, repeat 6 times (this will be the bangs of your doll) repeat the same procedure with remaining stitches with chain 26. 

Sew hair lying each braid flat next to each other to cover the head.

Heart Purse
Make two
Magic ring, ch 2, 3tr, 4dc, 1tr, 4dc, 3tr, slip stitch.
cu yarn,pull ring tightly close.Yarn end should be at the wrong side of the heart, weave in ends.
Hold two hearts with wrong sides together. work slip stitch from the second stitch of the heart in back loops only until the 13 stitch, chain 30, join to the fist slip stitch made, fasten off.

Stay tuned for a new doll and clothing pattern!

** My patterns are free and I would like them to stay that way. You are free to print them out for your personal use. Please do not sell my patterns or say they are your own. You are free to do whatever you want with the finished item. If you are selling them online please link back the pattern and give me credit. If you want to share the pattern please see Terms of use to be guided accordingly.Thanks and enjoy crocheting.

©2017 by Nelly Lopez. All rights reserved

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