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Maya's Easter Dress

Make this adorable dress for your Maya doll not just for easter but for any other day.
Make it with any color you prefer, add decorative buttons,bead or flower embellish if you like. Your imagination is the limit.

This pattern is written in US Terminology
ch- chain
sc- single crochet
hdc- half double crochet
dc- double crochet
sts- stitches
fpdc- front post double crochet
ch sp- chain space

Special stitches
V-stitch - dc, ch1, dc in same stitch
Front post double crochet -yarn over hook, insert under post of stitch, yarn over pull loop -three loops on hook,*yarn over hook pull through two loops, two loops left on hook,repeat *

Pattern notes
- To make the clothing fit,use the same yarn weight and hook size to make the Maya basic doll.
- If you have tendency to over stuff your doll, i recommend that you go up a hook size when making the clothing in this pattern.

Pattern start
Row1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and each st across (32)
Row2: ch2, *hdc, inc in next st, repeat * across (48)
Row3: ch1, work 7sc,ch6 skip 10sts, 14sc, ch6 skip 10sts, 7sc (40)
Row4: ch2, hdc in each st across (40)
Row5/Round1: ch1, sc in each st across, join (40)
Round2: ch1, sc in each st across, join (40) Use contrasting color
Round3: ch1, sc in each st across working in back loops only, join (40) Use main color
Round4: ch2 (count as 1st dc from now on), *skip next st, v-stitch in next st, skip next st, dc in next,repeat * around,( round must end with v-st and 1skip st) join
Round5: ch2, skip next st, *2dc-ch1-2dc in ch sp of v-stitch, fpdc over dc of previous round, repeat * around, join
Round6-7: ch2, *2dc-ch2-2dc (shell made) in ch sp of first shell, *fpdc over dc of previous round, work shell in ch2 sp of next shell, repeat * around, join
Round8-9: ch3, 3dc-ch2-3dc (shell made) in ch sp of first shell, *fpdc over dc of previous round, work shell in ch2 sp of next shell, repeat * around, join
Round10: ch2, 3dc-picot-3dc in ch2 sp of first shell, * fpdc over dc of previous round, 3dc-picot-3dc in ch2 sp of next shell, repeat around,finish off and weave in end

** My patterns are free and I would like them to stay that way. You are free to print them out for your personal use. Please do not sell my patterns or say they are your own. You are free to do whatever you want with the finished item. If you are selling them online please link back the pattern and give me credit. If you want to share the pattern please see Terms of use to be guided accordingly.Thanks and enjoy crocheting!


  1. Is there a pattern for the shoes that go with the dress

    1. Hi. the shoe on the pic is part of the Playtime outfit

  2. Hi Nelly! Thank you so much for sharing your Maya with us.I had a wonderful time making one. I changed her a little bit here and there, hope you won't mind. My little girl loved it ! Ema Owen

    1. i wont mind :-) im glad you like and your daughter like it

  3. do you have a pattern for her hair? thanks for Kara and Maya...sisters?

  4. So you have a pattern for the shoes? she is adorable!

  5. How are the side curls made for hair?

  6. Can I have a pattern for the hair please

  7. I really like making the crochet dolls nd learning how to make different hairstyles. Where do I look for the hairpiece for this outfit?


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