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Madeline reverse pattern

I made my first Madelline doll pattern base from Brooke Rabideau's Maddy doll design.
Just like the Maddy doll,pattern for Madelline was made from top to toe,and arms are made by crocheting into the body.

I got messages from people having a hard time making Madelline's arms since she was tiny,and others prefer making dolls starting from bottom up.
So i decided to make a pattern for Madelline that is work from toe to head,with her arms made seperate and attaching it by joining as you go.

This pattern is written in US Terms

Sc- single crochet
Inc- increase
Dec- decrease
Sts- stitch/ stitches

Make two
Round 1: 6sc in magic ring (6)
Round 2: (sc,inc) repeat around (9)
Round 3: (sc, dec) repeat around (6)
Round 4-6: sc in each st around (6)

Make two
Round 1: 7sc in magic ring
Round 2: inc in each st around (14)
Round 3: sc in each st around working in back loops only (14)
Round 4: sc in next 2 sts, dec, sc, dec, Sc in next 7sts (12)
Round 5: 1sc in next, dec x3, Sc in next 5sts (9)
Round 6-9: sc in each st around (9)
Join both legs with a round of single crochets,placing foot facing towards you.(18)
(This will be round 10)

Round 11: sc in next 5 sts, inc in next st, sc in next 8sts, inc in next st, sc in next 3 sts (20)
Round 12-15: sc in each st around (20)
Round 16: single crochet in each stitch around joining Arms as you go.
Round 17: dec around (10)
Round 18: sc in each st around (10) This round will be the neck of your doll

Round 19: inc around (20)
Round 20: (sc,inc) repeat around (30)
Round 21-26: sc in each st around (30)
Round 27: (sc in next 3 sts, dec) repeat around (24)
Round 28: (sc in next 2 sts, dec) repeat around (18)
Round 29: (sc in next st, dec) repeat around (12)
Round 30: dec around (6)
If you are using safety eyes, place it between rounds 24 and 25 one inch apart.
Cut yarn, finish off

** My patterns are free and I would like them to stay that way. You are free to print them out for your personal use. Please do not sell my patterns or say they are your own. You are free to do whatever you want with the finished item. If you are selling them online please link back the pattern and give me credit. If you want to share the pattern please see Terms of Use to be guided accordingly.Thanks and enjoy crocheting.

©2017 by Nelly Lopez. All rights reserved


  1. Thank you for being so generous!

    1. This is sooo cute! I can't wait to make one for my granddaughter. Thank you for sharing your sweet pattern.

  2. Can you add a pattern for the dress and overalls?